Academic Series: The Heritage of Western Greece

The cultural and intellectual heritage of Western Greece—the coastal areas of Southern Italy and Sicily settled by Hellenes in the 8th and 7th centuries BCE—is sometimes overlooked in academic studies.  Yet evidence suggests that poets, playwrights, philosophers, and other maverick intellectuals found fertile ground here for the growth of their ideas and the harvesting of their work.  The goal of this series is to explore the distinctive heritage of Western Greece from a variety of disciplinary perspectives including art history, archaeology, classical literature, drama, epigraphy, history, philosophy, and religion.


Proceedings from Interdisciplinary Symposia on the Heritage of Western Greece

Philosopher Kings and Tragic Heroes

Edited by Heather L. Reid and Davide Tanasi

2016 ISBN 978-1942495079


Politics and Performance in Western Greece

Edited by Heather L. Reid, Davide Tanasi, and Susi Kimbell

2017 ISBN 978-1942495185


The Many Faces of Mimēsis

Edited by Heather L. Reid and Jeremy C. DeLong

2018 ISBN 978-1-942495-22-2


Looking at Beauty: to Kalon in Western Greece

Edited by Heather L. Reid and Tony Leyh

2019 ISBN 978-1-942495-33-8


Conflict and Competition: Agon in Western Greece

Edited by Heather L. Reid, John Serrati, and Tim Sorg

2020 ISBN 978-1-942495-35-2



Plato at Syracuse

with a new translation of the Seventh Letter by Jonah Radding

Edited by Heather L. Reid and Mark Ralkowski

2019 ISBN 978-1-942495-28-4


Olympic Philosophy: The Ideas and Ideals behind the Ancient and Modern Olympic Games

by Heather L. Reid

2020 ISBN 978-1-942495-34-5


Athletics, Gymnastics, and Agon in Plato

Edited by Heather L. Reid, Mark Ralkowski, and Coleen P. Zoller

2020 ISBN 978-1-942495-36-9


The Poetry in Philosophy: Essays in Honor of Christos C. Evangeliou

Edited by Phillip Mitsis and Heather L. Reid a

2020 ISBN 978-1942495413


Pindar in Sicily

Edited by Heather L. Reid and Virginia Lewis 

2020 ISBN 978-1942495406

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