Poetic Series: The Hellenic Muses

The Hellenic Muses is a ten-volume bilingual series of poetry published in Greek and English on facing pages. It contains the lyrical work of professor and poet Christos C. Evangeliou, who was born and raised in Greece, but has lived for many years in the Greek Diaspora of America. The entire series, which is thematically and judiciously divided, is permeated and connected by strong love for the Hellenic language and landscape, respect for beauty and Eros, clear philosophic thinking and, occasionally, a satirical spirit.

Three short collections,  Syracusan Muse , Ecological Muse, and Olympic Muse have already been published and are available on amazon.com.  The first six full volumes of the Hellenic Muses Series are also available on amazon.com. For wholesale orders (10 or more copies shipped to a single address) contact us directly at fontearetusa1@gmail.com.

The full list of volumes planned for the Hellenic Muses series includes:

Mythological Muse

Philosophical Muse

Parnassian Muse

Political Muse

Philological Muse

Erotic Muse

Nostalgic Muse

Memorial Muse

Satiric Muse

Aretic Muse

Theological Muse

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