Seminar on Gorgias of Leontini

Villa Gorgia in Lentini

Pre-conference Seminar on Gorgias of Leontini

June 12-13, 2021

Gorgias of Leontini (c. 485– c. 380 bce), a contemporary of Protagoras, Socrates, and Euripides, is among the leading fifth-century Greek thinkers of language, argument, and moral responsibility, and has among the largest extant prose corpora of the period. The plan for this seminar is to read carefully through his three (more or less) complete works – which take up ontology, forensic defense, and personal agency – and the fragments of the rest. Our aim is to see Gorgias as representative of a direction that philosophical thought could have taken.

The seminar will be led by Christopher Moore, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Classics and Director of the Hellenic Studies Group at the Pennsylvania State University, and Christopher Raymond, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Vassar College.

The seminar will comprise four academic sessions, a guided excursion Lentini, a printed course packet, group dinner, and coffee breaks.  The fee is 100 euro.  Participation is limited to 16.