Siracusa Summer Seminar Scholarships and Bursaries

The Arthur W.H. Adkins Memorial Scholarship

Arthur Adkins (1929-1996) was the Edward Olson Professor of Classical Languages and Literatures at the University of Chicago.  He was an inspiring figure not only for his encyclopedic knowledge of classical languages and culture but especially for his warmth and dedication to his students. 

2022 Recipient: Christos Tsitsiridakis, National Kapodistrian University, Athens

The Academic Printing and Publishing Scholarship

Established in 1975, APP has published quality academic books for nearly 50 years, including the journal Apeiron from 1986-2010. Our authors are among the leading scholars of Ancient Philosophy and History, and many APP books sell for considerable sums in the rare and collectable book market.

2022 Recipient: Lauren Miano, Oxford University

The Robert A. Reid Memorial Scholarship

Reid (1939-2021) was born in Italy and raised in the United States, where he became a successful physician and community leader in Santa Barbara, California. His daughter reversed his path, emigrating to Italy in 2019 to direct the Fonte Aretusa Organization.

2022 Recipient: Diego Garcia, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich

The Christos C. Evangeliou Memorial Bursary

Evangeliou (1947-2022) was born in Greece and educated at the University of Athens and Emory University before serving as Professor of Philosophy at Towson University in Maryland, USA. He had a special gift for inspiring students and colleagues to study Ancient Greek philosophy.

2022 Recipient: Alba Miriello, University College, London

The Parnassos Press Bursary

Parnassos Press publishes the proceedings of Fonte Aretusa conferences and other volumes focused on the Hellenic Heritage of Southern Italy and Sicily. This bursary supports students who have and will contribute to that mission.

2022 Recipient: Ryan M. Brown, Eastern University & Villanova University, USA

Heather Scott Memorial Bursaries

Adity Singh, IISER Bhopal, India

Alexandra Cain, Monash University, Australia

Nathan Frank, University of Virginia

Steuart and Celia Bedford Bursaries:

Robert Jones, Manchester Metropolitan University

Faith McFadden, University of Southern California

Elena Limongelli, Durham University

Graham Lee, University of Houston, USA