Study Abroad in Sicily

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Morningside College Semester in Italy

Spring 2016

Click Here For details on the Sicily Homecoming Tour for Friends and Family

 Morningside in Italy is a semester long program that combines classroom study and research with the experiential learning opportunities of Siracusa, Sicily—one of the great cities of the ancient world.  The program fee includes tuition, fees, housing, program activities, and excursions. Additional time is provided for independent travel.  A flexible fulltime curriculum (16 hours) allows a choice of prefixes and academic levels, while fulfilling a variety of general education requirements. 


  • 16 credit program, offering a choice of prefixes and levels, can be tailored to individual student needs
  • We begin with a visit to Rome including the Coliseum, Forum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican, and select museums
  • Day trips to nearby cultural and archeological sites such as Neapolis, Agrigento, Palermo, Catania, Mt. Etna
  • Community involvement including service activities, sports, craft workshops, cultural exchanges
  • Course on ancient athletics includes service learning projects and re-enactment of ancient games
  • Students live and study in the historic and picturesque island of Ortigia, a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Students are accompanied by staff on excursions and taught appropriate safety precautions
  • Extensive face-to-face interaction with the diverse local community through service and cultural projects

 What’s NOT Required

  • No complicated visa applications – a new law allows students with a US passport to study up to 90 days
  • No need to wait until junior year, students at all levels (including incoming freshmen) may apply
  • No previous expertise needed, the curriculum is taught in English and can be tailored individually.

To learn more, see our Facebook page:  “Morningside College Semester in Italy”

More details and applications available here

or contact Professor Reid directly at

Application deadline for the 2018 program will be April 1, 2017


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