Tour of Greek Sites in Calabria June 18-20

giardini naxos

Giardini Naxos

Our post conference tour will begin with a visit to Giardini Naxos, site of the first Greek colony in Sicily.  After visiting the seaside museum and site, we will head to Messina and take a


Riace Bronzes,

ferry across the Strait, arriving at the National Museum of Magna Graecia in Reggio Calabria, home of the famed Riace Bronzes, by early afternoon.  After a thorough visit we will transfer to our hotel near Catanzaro for a group dinner and perhaps an evening swim.


Capo Colonna, Kroton

Saturday morning we will head to Kroton, home of Pythagoras, Milo, Alcmaeon, and Philolaos.  We will visit the archaeological museum and site at Capo Colonna, including the temple of Hera Lacinia, meeting place of the Italiote League.  From there, we will head south along the Ionian coast, stopping for a seaside lunch, and arriving at



Monasterace in the afternoon to tour the site and museum of ancient Kaulonia, which includes the remains of a Doric sanctuary and a famed Dragon mosaic. A relaxing group dinner will complete the day.


Locri Epizefiri

Sunday begin with a visit to the site and museum of Locri Epizefiri, among the most important of Greek cities in Calabria.  Afterwards, we will climb over the hills and head back across the straits to Sicily.


Taormina, Greek Theater

Time permitting, we will make a final visit to the Greek theater in Taormina before arriving at Catania, with drop-offs at the airport and downtown in Piazza Borsellino around 5PM.  The bus will then return to Siracusa. Do not book flights out of Catania airport earlier than 7PM on June 20.  The package includes, transport, site admissions, deluxe lodging, breakfast and dinners. Space is limited. €620 pp. triple, €670 double, €770 single.