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Parnassos Press is the publishing wing of Fonte Aretusa, dedicated to publishing texts that highlight the ancient connection between Greece and Italy.  In addition to individual volumes in philosophy, and a series entitled, “The Heritage of Western Greece” we are publishing a series of books of poetry printed in Greek and English on facing pages.  All books are available directly on  For wholesale orders contact Fonte Aretusa at

Academic Series:  The Heritage of Western Greece

Poetic Series:  The Hellenic Muses

Monographs and Anthologies

Direct Purchase Order Form

Proceedings Guidelines

2 thoughts on “Parnassos Press

  1. Hello,
    Will this book be added soon?
    Reid, Serrati, and Sorg, Conflict and Competition: Agon in Western Greece
    I would like to have a link for a newsletter where the book will be advertised.

    • Dear Guy, I have updated the website. The book is available on or directly from us via the email address If you send me an email with your address, I can put you on the mailing list for Fonte Aretusa which includes new book announcements for Parnassos Press. There will be an official online presentation of this book in September.
      Heather Reid, Fonte Aretusa – Parnassos Press

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